Devised by Mark Jones and Danielle O’Malley and produced by Winding Road Productions. Featuring the powerhouse performer - Baylie Carson.

Come spend an hour with that feisty firecracker of 60s pop – the extraordinary Lulu!

Lulu’s winding back the clock to Britain’s 'summer of love' with fascinating and hilarious tales of her rise to fame - singing on Ed Sullivan, co-starring with Sidney Poitier, singing Boom Bang a Bang on Eurovision, touring with The Beach Boys, partying with The Beatles and marrying a Bee Gee! 

Oh, and let’s not forget that world-wide number one hit with the title song from her very own movie To Sir With Love!

LULU (noun): an outstanding person or thing
(oxford concise dictionary)

Songs include: Put a Little Love in Your Heart, Boom Bang a Bang, Shout!, The Boat That I Row, Good Day Sunshine, The Man With The Golden Gun, To Love Somebody, I’m a Tiger, Me the Peaceful Heart, The Prayer & To Sir With Love.